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 About Owens & Minor University  

Earning the grade in supply chain learning and teaching

At Owens & Minor, we are deeply committed to continuing education and professional development for both our teammates and our supply chain partners. This is evident in the steadily growing programs and outreach of Owens & Minor University (OMU), where our teammates and customers have numerous opportunities to learn, teach and mentor.

OMU offers access to a host of courses–1,000 online and 100 facilitator-led special certification programs, simulations, and many other tools and resources in leadership, supply chain management, finance, safety and compliance, and customer service. This blended learning technique provides educational scenarios to suit every learning style and every schedule.

For instance, the O&M teammate on the road can access online learning 24/7. And for the customer whose staff needs to align education with tight schedules, OMU will deliver “live” classroom instruction at the healthcare provider’s organization.  

Our well-equipped OMU campus at Owens & Minor’s Richmond, Va.-based headquarters provides ample classrooms and specialty facilities for comfortable, interactive and engaging classroom experiences.

For facilitator-led classes, a team of talented instructors brings a wealth of firsthand supply chain experience and expertise, plus a passion for teaching and mentoring.

“Our challenge for OMU is to continue to develop new offerings as our teammates develop, customer needs change, and the industry shifts. We have to be at the forefront of any innovation that will help us partner with customers to improve their supply chain and better serve the healthcare industry.”

Erika Davis Senior Vice President
Human Resources
Owens & Minor

Meet Our Instructors

A passion for the supply chain + in-depth, hands-on industry experience + teaching talent = a dynamic cast of OMU Instructors.

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