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An advanced OR procedural delivery service to improve processes in your clinical supply chain

No two hospitals have identical internal OR supply chains. Yet, most have at least one thing in common: purchasing inefficiencies that lead to waste. With SurgiTrack, you can reduce your spend, reduce your waste, and purchase exactly what you need for each surgical procedure. This highly flexible, advanced OR procedural delivery service from Owens & Minor lets you refine surgical case management for maximum savings and OR efficiency.

To achieve this, we group supplies according to procedural requirements and physician preferences to the point-of-use on a just-in-time basis. We deliver SurgiTrack’s individualized totes daily from our distribution centers directly to the OR—freeing up staff time and storage space. Local service and a broad range of products enables us to customize these totes, so physicians get exactly what they need every time. As a brand-friendly, third-party supplier, we offer a wider range of product and choice—even for physician-specific items—than any other supplier in the industry.

Owens & Minor’s proprietary technology platform and state-of-the-art tools let you track key performance indicators within the OR and transform information into actionable intelligence. SurgiTrack doesn’t stop with giving you the technology you need to ensure proper order configuration, delivery time and location, and physician preference. You’ll also have the unique advantage of an Owens & Minor implementation team working along side you to:

  • Reduce excess inventory and increase efficiency.
  • Prevent losses due to expired inventory.
  • Refine your true procedural supply costing over time.
  • Reduce surgical case assembly time.
  • Customize to meet physician and procedural preferences.
  • Focus time on patient care instead of product replenishment.

Surgeon-specific SurgiTrack ensures the capture of all patient-chargeable items and devices the hospital uses in surgery. SurgiTrack generates a clean, current procedural supply cost-per-case using real-time hospital contract pricing. The goal of SurgiTrack is to match purchases to consumption, thereby reducing waste.

In addition, SurgiTrack offers a capability that no pre-packaged kit or preference card management system can offer: directly relating the supplies purchased for your hospital to the contract pricing system and also to the ever-changing surgeon-preference card. Pulling together these three disparate systems means we can define a single delivered price, which translates into a defined procedural cost for your hospital and ultimately brings you greater supply chain efficiency and savings.


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Fast Fact

With SurgiTrack, the OR manager can create savings from standardization and inventory consolidation—and still deliver the preference items that satisfy clinicians.

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