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Collaborating for Business Growth

After more than a century in the healthcare industry, Owens & Minor has developed strong, non-competitive relationships with the nation’s leading suppliers of national name-brand medical-surgical supplies. Those relationships directly benefit our healthcare provider customers—with whom we’ve earned a client satisfaction rate of 98 percent.

Our expertise, coupled with a continued commitment to investing in powerful technologies, brings a bounty of benefits to supplier partners and healthcare provider customers alike.

We serve 4,500 healthcare providers from distribution centers across the United States and pride ourselves in offering the broadest and deepest selection of branded products available. At Owens & Minor, supplier partners gain access to over half of the U.S. Hospital market. And because Owens & Minor has the most robust data in the industry, our partner suppliers enjoy market insight that can inform their most important decisions and help strengthen their business.

If demand for your products should outgrow your existing distribution and logistics capacity, or if you simply want to focus your resources on development and growth and leave the supply chain challenges to us, Owens & Minor is ideally positioned to assist. We’ll ensure your customers receive the highest possible fill rates, day in and day out.

To learn more about our Nationally Branded Supplier Partners, explore our Nationally Branded Supplier Partners pages.

It's time to make your supply chain your competitive advantage.

Whether a start-up manufacturer or an industry leader in medical devices or life sciences, you can optimize your supply chain end-to-end with the expertise of OM HCL's experienced team, technology and customizable business solutions. A specialized division of O&M, we provide the third-party logistics and business outsourcing solutions so you can focus on product development and marketing. Learn more.

Fast Fact

When product demand for B.Braun, one of the world’s leading medical companies, outgrew its existing distribution and storage capabilities, the company partnered with Owens & Minor. The warehouse network was consolidated from 13 to three, B.Braun achieved valuable transportation economies of scale, and reduced the company’s bad debt. B.Braun customers now enjoy nearly 100% fill rates from Owens & Minor.

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