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 Our Culture 


Owens & Minor’s culture is reflective of its mission, vision and values. We have long felt that the way we treat our teammates is the way they treat our customers and that if we take great care of our teammates, they will take great care of us.


Teammates are the company’s greatest asset and the culture focuses on these things. First is letting teammates know that we care very much about them. When people know you care, they will move mountains for you. They will almost always strive to exceed your expectations. Second is letting teammates know they make a difference regardless of the position they hold in the company. If a teammate feels that what they do contributes to the success of the company, they are extremely happy and productive.


Last but certainly not least, we give our teammates the freedom to express themselves. Our leadership team is continually asking teammates questions such as, “What are we doing right? What are we doing wrong? What do we need to do to make Owens & Minor the best company in America?” And most of all, “What do you need from our leadership team to be more effective in your job?”


Communication is the glue that holds organizations together, and our goal is to ensure that we communicate with our teammates in the most efficient and expeditious manner. Our mantra in terms of communication is the KISS method (keep it simple and sincere).

"It takes a lot of work to maintain the culture and to keep it going. It’s a great part of our success, more so than the financial deals and the acquisitions."

G. Gilmer Minor III, Chairman Emeritus,
Owens & Minor

Teammate diversity enriches us all

We seek and value unique perspectives, ideas and backgrounds in the people who work with us. Learn More.

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