Attacking Complexity. Finding Efficiencies. Improving Outcomes.

No two business challenges are alike. That's why we don't leap to solutions. Instead, we first dig deep to understand our customers' unique needs. Then we draw upon our unparalleled experience and advanced suite of services to custom design offerings that will help manufacturers and providers manage costs and optimize their operations.

The inside of a warehouse.

Distribution and Warehousing

We get the right products into the hands that need them—quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively. Our global solutions free up space and resources at the point of care.

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Medical technition searching through storage bins.

Provider Inventory Solutions

Our holistic approach to inventory management helps providers keep supply and demand in constant balance. This frees clinicians to focus on patient care.

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Hands transfering scissors.

Manufacturer Logistics

From the first mile to the point of care, manufacturers can trust Owens & Minor's state-of-the-art technologies and healthcare logistics expertise.

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Medical assistant sorting trays.

Custom Procedural Kits and Trays

Owens & Minor can simultaneously customize and standardize to help manufacturers and providers who seek improved efficiency.

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Hands holding a sheet of paper with analytics on it.

Data and Analytics

We can help turn supply chain data into actionable intelligence that manufacturers and providers can use to make informed business and purchasing decisions.

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Warehouse quickly belt moving quickly.

Products and Sourcing

Whether providers want our MediChoice® products or request specific brands, our diverse partnerships can help them stay cost effective and contract compliant.

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Driving Sustained Value for Manufacturers and Providers

Distribution & Warehousing

Our distribution services combine world class technology and global operational excellence with more than 135 years of experience to deliver medical products to the point of care, often on a daily basis and, for some customers, multiple times each day. This allows our provider partners the freedom to choose among leading healthcare brands without substitution, and our manufacturer partners can forward deploy inventory to get even closer to the customer.

Provider Inventory Solutions

Supply can be aligned with demand at an unprecedented level with Owens & Minor's Inventory Solution's technology and resources. The transparency we provide results in cost and time savings, alleviating a healthcare provider's focus on supply chain activity. We can provide a customized analysis and inventory solution to fit the needs of any healthcare organization.

Manufacturer Logistics

We can effectively link our global manufacturer partners to healthcare providers because of our long-term working relationships.

Products & Sourcing

Our manufacturer and provider partners benefit from a wide range of product solutions such as global sourcing partnerships, analysis of purchase and usage patterns, as well as managing diverse supplier relationships. These product solutions only enhance our effectiveness in designing and delivering custom procedure kits & trays. Our proprietary offerings, such as our MediChoice® portfolio or house brand program, are recognized for their quality and consistency.

Data & Analytics

Data lies at the core of every service provided at Owens & Minor. Our unique position in the global marketplace means we gather and analyze data that can help our manufacturer and provider partners make informed and strategic decisions.

Custom Procedural Kits & Trays

Customization plays a critical role for creating efficiencies, reducing costs, and eliminating waste at the point of care. By analyzing purchasing decisions, we can assist with the time saving activity of combining commoditized and Physician Preference Items (PPI), as well as the elimination of unused or unwanted items. Our global resources allow for customization at a local and personal level.