Our Leading Edge Services Help Break Down Barriers to Efficiency

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Enhance Clinical Focus and Lower Your Costs with Preferred AccessSM

Owens & Minor's Preferred AccessSM is all about doing more with less. It helps healthcare organizations take advantage of forward-deployed inventory, find bulk-buy opportunities, and receive and aggregate deliveries. As a result, providers can devote more time and energy to patient care, while using less space, staff time, and money on managing supplies.

Preferred Access

  • Remove direct costs like freight, invoice processing, expiration, and product obsolescence
  • Reduce indirect costs of P.O. processing, delivery, storage space, and labor
  • Reap new savings through bulk purchase discounts and contract prices
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Simplify and Streamline Procurements with Expanded AccessSM

Consolidating vendor activity is a smart move. For a hospital dealing with hundreds of manufacturers, it can also be a daunting challenge. Our Expanded AccessSM program provides in-depth analysis of direct purchases, and helps healthcare providers zero in on opportunities to optimize purchasing and maximize value through distribution.

Expanded Access

  • Choose from the industry's widest selection of commodity disposables
  • Save on procurement and freight costs by consolidating orders through Owens & Minor distribution
  • Get daily deliveries, resulting in lower PAR levels, less waste, and reduced storage space needs
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Data AnalyticsSM

Because Owens & Minor is positioned in the middle of the flow of goods, funds, and information generated by its manufacturer and provider customers, there is a wealth of valuable data generated each year. Owens & Minor is able to provide actionable information and analysis to these business partners, so they can make strategic business decisions with improved insight.

Data Services

  • Manufacturers can gain insight into product usage and better execute demand planning
  • Healthcare providers can realize better visibility into quality standards, such as product recalls
  • Our experts can dig into supply chain optimization, using benchmarking and data normalization