Our Solutions Drive Out Complexity, from First Mile to Last Mile

Delivering medical supplies.

Point of Care: Boost Operational Efficiency and Market Share Growth

At O&M, we have fine-tuned our expertise in delivering to the point of care. By aligning our expert delivery service with our in-hospital inventory specialists, we dramatically simplify in-market delivery for our manufacturing customers.

Point of Care Solutions

  • Streamline product flow
  • Aggregate thousands of inventory locations into our extensive network of market-based centers
  • Alleviate the burden of supply chain activities so manufacturers can focus on product innovation
  • Free sales representatives from performing inventory management tasks, enabling them to reach their full, focused potential
Stocked warehouse.

First Mile Logistics: Lower Operating Costs and Lift Service Levels

Our network of state-of-the-art logistics centers helps manufacturers consolidate warehousing and transportation. Starting at the point of manufacture, we provide distribution and warehousing solutions that eliminate pain points throughout the supply chain.

First Mile Logistics

  • Deliver higher sales-to-inventory ratios
  • Help reduce inventory and supply chain costs
  • Improve service by increasing reach—90% of all U.S. healthcare providers are within four hours of an O&M distribution center
Lab technician viewing through a magnifying glass

Specialty Services: Refocus Energy on Manufacturing's Core Mission

When manufacturers concentrate on making great products, they win—and so do providers and patients. By leveraging O&M's expertise to deal with supply chain complexities, manufacturers can focus more energy on market opportunities.

Value-Added Specialty Services

  • Deliver expertise in key areas like product returns, order-to-cash process, IT integration, and regulatory compliance
  • Provide better tracking of instruments and implants
  • Manage distribution from point of manufacture to point of care, using advanced demand and inventory planning
  • Provide compliance with fully-documented quality systems