We supply packs for a wide range of procedures to hundreds of hospitals across the United States and Europe through our ArcRoyal and Halyard Custom Procedure Trays. Hospitals and surgery centers depend on us for high-quality trays with absolute choice, paired with unrivaled customer service, prompt revisions, trust as a brand neutral supplier and clear, transparent pricing. We confirm that we will not make unauthorized tray component substitutions. We assist our customers with surgical data normalization, preference card cleansing, product and procedure standardization, as well as packaging recommendations to help cut costs and reduce waste.

picture of workers preparing custom procedure trays

ArcRoyal CPTs Address a Wide Range of Surgical Procedures

picture of ArcRoyal LogoOur ArcRoyal team in Ireland supplies hundreds of operating rooms across Europe. ArcRoyal CPTs are optimized to allow the operating room staff to focus on their most important priority, the patient. ArcRoyal's portfolio also includes a wide range of surgical accessories, in both sterile and non-sterile formats.

ArcRoyal, acquired by Owens & Minor in 2014, is a market leader in the supply of CPTs and a diverse range of essential surgical products. Situated in Ireland near a cluster of eight of the world's ten largest medical device companies, the strategic location of our 14,000m² facility location in the Irish midlands enables shipments to more than 30 countries.

ArcRoyal's products and services reach hundreds of hospitals across Europe every day, via our corporate partners, distributors, and agents. Our Custom Procedure Trays are manufactured in a Class 8 clean room and certified to quality standards ISO:9001 and ISO:13485.

Top Eight Reasons O.R.s Count on ArcRoyal CPT Systems

  1. Efficiency: reduced set-up time and fewer products to open, freeing clinical staff for other duties
  2. Improved product ordering: fewer products to order, resulting in more streamlined ordering and inventory control processes
  3. Waste reduction: less packaging to dispose of
  4. Cost: few component costs per procedure to track, resulting in superior cost control
  5. Sterilization: presented in an easy format to reduce the risk of contamination
  6. Quality Certification: all ArcRoyal CPTs are ISO/EN 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2008 certified
  7. Traceability: every component used in an ArcRoyal CPT can be traced back to a specific vendor batch
  8. Reliability: fill rates of over 99% and product compliance that exceeds 99.5%

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