Setting the industry standard for quality and reliability, Medical Action incorporates state-of-the-art systems with highly skilled professionals working together to provide a complete line of Minor Procedure Kits and Trays. Designed for superior performance and produced according to the most stringent quality controls, every item is created knowing that a patient depends on it to perform.

Our Clinical Discovery program is designed to help hospitals achieve superior patient outcomes and cost savings through clinical protocol consistency, standardization, and efficiency improvements.

picture of handling sharps

In today’s healthcare settings, even common procedures are considered to be critical ones. With heightened concerns about contamination, infection, or imperfection in medical supplies, average performance does not suffice. Through its Clinical Procedural Solutions effort, Owens & Minor is dedicated to providing Minor Procedure Kits and Trays that are assembled with meticulous attention to detail under stringent quality controls. Owens & Minor delivers healthcare products with the assurance that each one will be crafted to the same exacting standards for quality and performance.

Minor Procedure Kits & Trays Available:

  • Amenity Kits
  • Endoscopy Kits
  • Infusion Therapy
    • Blood Culture/Collection Kits
    • Central Line Dressing Change Kits
    • Dialysis Kits
    • IV Start Kits
    • PICC/Vascular Access
  • Instrument Kits
    • Laceration Trays
    • General Purpose Trays
    • Circumcision Kits
    • Incision & Drainage Kits
    • Suture Removal Kits
  • Trach Trays

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