MediChoice® Provides a Direct Route to Quality and Value for our Providers

One of the most powerful solutions the company offers to the healthcare market is a comprehensive proprietary products portfolio. MediChoice®, a brand of medical and surgical products and equipment, is growing to meet the changing needs of healthcare. With MediChoice® products, O&M enables better patient satisfaction and patient outcomes with exceptional quality, continuous improvement, and value-added customer service.

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picture of MediChoice logoOur MediChoice® brand contributes to enhanced patient satisfaction, while at the same time, improving outcomes. Since the MediChoice® launch in 2002, O&M has focused on expanding the portfolio as a top-tier brand, offering customers excellent product choice at competitive prices. O&M partners with its customers to lower total cost by offering products with exceptional quality, continuous improvement, and value-added customer service.

In order to source these quality products, O&M works with a wide range of manufacturers around the world. O&M is proud that more than 30% of the MediChoice® portfolio is produced by certified small-, women-, minority- and veteran-owned businesses. The MediChoice® product portfolio reflects Owens & Minor's longstanding commitment to building strong and diverse supply chain relationships.

What Can MediChoice® do for your Hospital?

O&M partners with reliable manufacturers to provide only quality MediChoice® offerings, across a wide spectrum of categories, including patient care, O.R. protection, and labor and delivery. By offering a single brand for thousands of regularly purchased items, MediChoice® can increase efficiency and support product standardization initiatives. With MediChoice®, the savings can be immediate. O&M's competitively priced products save hospitals on the most regularly purchased supplies. With near-perfect fill rates, MediChoice® customers get premium service on common items, while controlling their supply spend.

What do our Customers Think About the MediChoice® Option? Satisfied Customers Speak Out:

  • “The product quality is the same or better than branded products and price savings are significant.”
  • “It's nice to have a partner that I can rely on to bring me savings opportunities with quality products that I can take to Value Analysis with confidence.”
  • “With MediChoice®, we are able to save supply expense, while at the same time, we are increasing staff satisfaction.”

We pride ourselves in offering the broadest and deepest selection of branded products available in our industry. We offer these through our uniquely, non-competitive partnerships with leading healthcare products manufacturers and through our own quality, value-priced product line, MediChoice®, as well as through the Medical Action and ArcRoyal brands.

Enhancing Patient Satisfaction, While Improving Outcomes

We encourage you to browse our MediChoice® and Supplier Diversity product catalogs to learn more about our products and our national branded supplier partnerships.

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Medical Action

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Medical Action helps to set the industry standard for quality and reliability by incorporating state-of-the-art systems with highly-skilled professionals working together to provide you with a complete line of medical products. Designed for superior performance and produced according to the most stringent quality controls, every item is created knowing that you depend on it to perform.

Operating Room Supplies

  • Laparotomy Sponges
  • Needle Counters
  • O.R. Towels
  • Sponge Counting Systems
  • Surgical Light Shields
  • Surgical Markers

Medical Products

  • Gauze Sponges and Bandage Rolls
  • Patient Slippers
  • Sterilization Pouches
  • Sterilization Reels
  • TubeGauz℠ Elastic Netting

Exclusive to Medical Action is the GreenBack Towel Recycling Program, which aids hospitals in addressing financial, environmental, and product needs. The GreenBack Program reduces hospital waste from used biodegradable surgical towels and reduces your O.R. towel budget costs. The more towels you recycle, the more money you will save.

To learn more, visit Medical Action


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Our enhanced, branded product line represents ArcRoyal's continuing dedication to high quality and innovative products, and our commitment to broadening our portfolio offering to better satisfy our customers' needs. ArcRoyal offers a diverse range of essential, single-use surgical instruments, safety products, angiography products, a universal light handle system, temperature probes, procedure tray components, and patient warming blankets.

To Learn More, visit ArcRoyal