With the approach of Hurricane Harvey, we wanted to assure you that we have put our emergency planning processes into place and have taken all necessary actions to serve our customers before, during, and after the arrival of this storm. Owens & Minor places a high focus on the well-being of our customers, their patients and employees, and our teammates. Everyone on our team knows that safely meeting the needs of our healthcare provider and manufacturer customers, especially in the face of extreme weather conditions, is our highest priority. Owens & Minor expects to meet the needs of each and every customer throughout the course of Hurricane Harvey. 

Accordingly, as the storm approached, Owens & Minor’s field team members activated our time-tested disaster preparedness plan:

  • Teams reached out to provider customers to place emergency orders and ensure that hospitals have necessary supplies to function for several days.
  • Pre-standing emergency orders were delivered, and we stand ready to deliver additional orders when customers make the request, as soon as the roads are safe.
  • Cross-functional teams are collaborating to ensure that deliveries are made, customer service is addressed, and teammates are safe.
  • We have generators and fuel in place to serve the Owens & Minor Distribution Centers that are in the path of the storm.
  • We have carefully monitored supply levels, re-trained teammates on emergency preparedness, and taken measures to ensure that our services continue without interruption.
  • We are also working with many other non-Owens & Minor distributors who carry our Medical Action and AVID Medical products to ensure continued supply during this situation.
  • We continue to monitor weather conditions and adjust delivery schedules and customer service as needed.

Teams worked tirelessly to prepare for the storm and will move quickly to a normal schedule once the storm passes.  Contingency plans are in place for sister facilities to fill customer orders, should a Distribution Center in the path of the storm become incapacitated. Also, our Customer Engagement Center (CEC) is actively providing customer service on a national basis. At this point, deliveries are being made on time, or according to customer request, as weather and road conditions permit.  Supplier deliveries are being coordinated through our network and the impacted area, with teammates ready to receive the vital products.

While a number of our Distribution Centers and the customers they serve are expected to be affected by this wide-ranging storm, Owens & Minor is ready and able to serve the needs of our customers. We intend to stay in close contact with customers throughout the storm, and our Distribution Centers and our teammates will work together to serve healthcare providers to the very best of our ability. With a well-honed disaster preparedness plan in place, Owens & Minor expects to meet the needs of each and every customer through the course of Hurricane Harvey.