Owens & Minor installs the first 25 RFID Cabinets for UAMS


RFID Cabinets for UAMS

Owens & Minor recently begin installing the first 25 of over 50 state-of-art RFID cabinet for the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences (UAMS) as part of their existing QSight inventory management service.

The RFID cabinets, a mixture of ambient and temperature-controlled units, use access control and leading-edge, RFID technology to automatically track and monitor items stored in the cabinet, typically higher dollar inventory items used in medical procedures. And because UAMS is using O&M’s QSight, users have complete visibility into the cabinet and can easily track and monitor the inventory 24/7, allowing greater and more accurate control of the inventory. 

These RFID cabinets combined with O&M’s QSight solution will enable UAMS to easily track and maintain their inventory to ensure they always have the right product at the right time.

This is the first of three installations for the cabinets throughout the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences. Terso Solutions, Inc., a technology company delivering automated supply chain solutions manufacture red the RFID cabinets.

Once installed, QSight RFID cabinets will provide accurate inventory data, particularly for short-shelf life, high expense products, so that healthcare providers can count on having the right products for a procedure at any time.

With QSight and the RFID cabinets, UAMS will be able to streamline inventory management so clinicians are empowered to focus on what’s most important—patient care.