SurgiTrack® is Owens & Minor's industry-leading unitized delivery system that combines lean methodologies, technology, surgical products, and physician preference products into one streamlined process. This unique program ensures that your supply quality and clinician satisfaction remain high while keeping procedural costs as low as possible. According to an article in the May 2016 Journal of Neurosurgery, open and unused disposable medical supplies accounted for nearly $3 million annually in waste in just one department in one healthcare system. This is a problem that SurgiTrack will help to eliminate by identifying savings opportunities and eliminating excess and waste in the supply chain.

With SurgiTrack, we provide an advanced clinical supply process, grouped by procedure and customized by surgeon preference, to the point of use on a just-in-time basis. SurgiTrack helps customers reduce O.R. spend, decrease waste, and improve processes in the hospital's internal O.R. supply chain. We deliver SurgiTrack individualized totes daily, based on the customer's schedule, from our distribution centers directly to the O.R.—freeing up staff time and storage space. Local service and a broad range of products enable us to customize these totes, so physicians get exactly what they need every time.

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Three Disparate Systems, Single Delivered Price

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As a brand-friendly, third-party supplier, we offer a wide range of product and choice, even for physician-specific items. SurgiTrack® includes a proprietary technology platform with state-of-the-art tools that let our customers track key performance indicators within the O.R. and transform information into actionable intelligence. In addition, SurgiTrack® directly relates the supplies purchased by a hospital to the contract pricing system and also to the ever-changing surgeon preference card. Pulling together these three disparate systems means we can define a single delivered price, which translates into a defined procedural cost for hospitals and ultimately brings greater supply chain efficiency and savings.


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