Emergency and Pandemic Preparedness

Disasters don’t wait for response plans, budget allocations and communication strategies. We can help you be ready.

A Planned Approach to the Unexpected

Emergency situations don’t wait for response plans, budget allocations and communication strategies to be developed before their impacts are felt, and state and federal resources may not meet the level of support needed to sustain your supply chain in a crisis. When disaster strikes, you want to know you have preparedness plans in place that you can quickly activate. That’s where Owens & Minor comes in.

Peace of mind comes with being prepared.

Partnering with Owens & Minor means you benefit from proactive, customized and actionable preparedness plans, designed to enhance your response capabilities plus eliminate unnecessary costs and disruptions.

Customized, flexible planning
To implement plans best suited for your health system, that directly support your needs, budget, and capabilities, we work closely not only with you, but also with suppliers, industry associations, and state and federal agencies such as FEMA, DoD, and HHS to ensure the safety of patients.
Manufacturing across the Americas
Because we manufacture a range of PPE products across the Americas our customers have access to critical healthcare supplies that they need. That means we can reliably deliver in 2 weeks to 30 days, where Asia-based supply chains can take 3 months or more to deliver.
Strong supplier relationships for rapid response
We've built a responsive global portfolio of over 1,200 branded manufacturers
and a network of distribution centers serving more than 4,000 facilities nationwide, each with emergency action plans and protocols in place, so that we're always prepared for a rapid response

Pandemic Preparedness Library

This resource library contains a wide variety of tools, resources, and checklists to aid any healthcare facility with pandemic preparedness. Preparedness is not a time-limited activity, but rather an ongoing process that must be supported by the facility’s executive leadership. These resources are meant to serve as a comprehensive reference for any preparedness needs. With proper planning, healthcare facilities and providers can respond favorably to future threats from pathogens.

We're always ready, so you're always able

Owens & Minor’s robust manufacturing footprint and extensive supplier network help ensure your supply chain runs smoothly no matter the situation.

Americas-based Manufacturing
Provider Facilities Served
Branded Suppliers

How it Works

Disaster preparedness efforts are developed from a clear, three-phase approach that allows for a rapid, sound response for any emergency situation, with or without warning. Here is a three-phase approach for effective response

Establish Action Plans
Response and Delivery
Prevent Service Disruptions
Ongoing Review and Improvement

Build Reserves For Your Critical Supplies

Owens & Minor can help you remain ready to care for patients even when faced with an increased demand for inventory. Whether sourced by you or distributed by Owens & Minor, you’ll have convenient access to your supplies when you need them the most without having to store them locally.

Reliable Supply of your Inventory
Streamline your supplies by consolidating inventory sourced from multiple suppliers, purchased from Owens & Minor or systemwide bulk buys.
Visibility Across the Supply Chain
Improve performance and reduce waste with access to customized reporting and real-time visibility into inventory availability and utilization, including product expiration dates.
Focus on Supporting Clinicians and Patients
Order your inventory using the same purchase order and the same process you use to purchase traditionally-distributed products from Owens & Minor. Leverage existing transportation schedules to reduce deliveries and improve receiving processes.

Prioritizing Cybersecurity

Owens & Minor recognizes that cybersecurity plays a key role in maintaining supply chain resiliency. To ensure our customers are protected in the event of a malware attack, Owens & Minor has backup ordering processes that can be temporarily implemented whenever necessary. These processes allow customers to continue to place orders no matter the status of their IT systems.

"Owens & Minor has kept us prepared for where the market is going. Product scarcity has consistently changed, while time and time again they’ve helped us see where issues would arise. You hear about hospitals across the country and the world not having enough supplies or having to unsafely conserve. We have not had those supply chain issues thanks to preparedness, proactive ordering, and planning, and a large part of our success is related to Owens & Minor."
- Prisma Health

Not a Matter of If, But When

The COVID-19 global pandemic has challenged the world and the industry in unprecedented ways. But it has also reinforced the need for emergency and pandemic preparedness. Owens & Minor took significant action at the start of the pandemic to protect our teammates, ensure continuity of supply, and uphold our commitment and ability to serve. We are confident our robust planning can help your health system.

27% Nurses reported they had been exposed to confirmed COVID-19 patients without wearing appropriate PPE²
48.1% Average percentage of healthcare institutions with one week or less of 9 key PPE supplies

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