Keeping Patients Healthy at Home

Through our Byram Healthcare business, Owens & Minor improves health outcomes and affordability of care for people living with chronic conditions.

Supporting Superior Care at Home

Our Byram Healthcare business serves people with chronic conditions or long-term needs by delivering medical supplies across a broad range of categories directly to patients’ homes. Byram Healthcare helps patients save on out-of-pocket expenses for medical supplies and offers expertise in third-party billing services on behalf of patients regardless of their healthcare coverage. They also contract directly with home health agencies to provide needed supplies for patients using home health services.

Byram provides timely, reliable delivery of a broad offering of medical supplies, along with Caring Touch At Home™ patient programs designed to help support and improve clinical outcomes.
We provide in-network coverage with Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance for lower out-of-pocket costs, as well as offering reimbursement expertise and expense management support.
Patients can choose from a comprehensive product catalog. Service offerings include clinical support and reimbursement guidance for patients, as well as support for both healthcare professionals and payers.

Delivering Care Where it's Needed Most

Your partner of choice for delivering optimal patient care at home.  Byram Healthcare’s delivery network, specialized Centers of Excellence and sales teams ensure quality service for home health agencies, managed care organizations and health care professionals nationwide.

Diabetes Care
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Diabetes Care
We carry a full line of diabetes products including testing supplies, continuous glucose monitors, test strips, lancets, insulin pumps, and more.
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Ostomy Care
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Ostomy Care
We provide dedicated customer service, clinical and educational support, and all of the necessary supplies through our Caring Touch at Home™ program.
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Wound Care
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Wound Care
We collaborate with healthcare professionals at, out-patient wound centers, home health agencies, specialty physician practices all to make managing your chronic wound at home as easy as possible.
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Urology Care
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Urology Care
Byram can help make self-catheterization less of a hassle with our Caring, Touch at HomeTM Urology program.
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Incontinence Care
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Incontinence Care
Improving your quality of life with high-quality incontinence products and personal service.
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Breast Pumps
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Breast Pumps
A Byram specialist will help you order a breast pump for free through insurance. We carry breast pumps from all leading manufacturers.
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Product Catalog

Browse our comprehensive catalog to see our full suite of medical supplies and tools to select the right products for you.

Meeting today's growing need for patient care in the home setting.

Patient Direct Care
Byram offers products to those individuals that need medical supplies at home.
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Health Care Professional Support
Take advantage of our continuing education courses and help meet the needs of you and your patients.
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Home Health Agency Support
A Trusted Partner of Choice For Home Health And Hospice Agencies Nationally
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Byram Healthcare: Putting Patients at the Heart of Everything We Do

“The customer service here is industry leading. ...extremely courteous, extremely professional, and extremely helpful! I have never come across a company that streamlined the process to the point that you get the prescriptions, handle all the prior authorizations, all the insurance. It makes it so much simpler, and I am able to focus more on taking care of my son. Thank you so much for making our lives easier. You may never know how much it means to parents, and patients, to have a company that is on our side.”
-Joseph V.

By the Numbers

Byram Healthcare plays an essential role in empowering patients to successfully manage their conditions at home according to their prescribed care plan – ultimately leading to better health outcomes.

of insured Americans can be serviced in-network by Byram
Customer Service Centers of Excellence providing product and reimbursement expertise
years of improving outcomes and affordability of care

Owens & Minor delivers significant and sustained value across the breadth of the industry – from acute care to patients in their homes.

Click below to read how our solutions support the continuum of care.

Innovative Products for Every Care Setting

Confidently provide care with our proprietary, clinically superior products that protect clinicians and patients in a variety of care settings.

  • Industry-leading portfolio provides you with proprietary, self-manufactured and clinically-superior products under our HALYARD® brand
  • North American manufacturing footprint supports supply continuity
  • Rigorous safety and quality standards ensure only the best products in your hands
Industry-Leading Solutions for Distribution and Beyond

We make sure you have the right products in the right place at the right time so that you can provide focused, quality care with certainty that you have everything you need.

  • Have the right products in the right places at the right time with customized supply chain solutions
  • Streamline labor devoted to supply chain responsibilities
  • Lower costs and maximize reimbursement with service and product mix tailored to your needs
  • Resource optimization helps you do more–better–with less
Innovative Services to Manage Your Supply Chain

Our specialized services and technology enable a streamlined supply chain, optimized inventory, and cost-effective workflow, freeing up clinicians to focus on patient care.

  • Specialized support maintains products and protocols across care facilities
  • Proprietary technology improves supply efficiencies
  • On-site expertise enables a patient-centered approach through efficiencies and quality improvements


A Patient-Focused Approach

Through Byram, we serve people living with chronic conditions by delivering medical supplies across a broad range of categories directly to patients’ homes.

  • Supplies delivered right to patients’ homes
  • Third-party billing expertise, regardless of patient coverage
  • Ability to serve approximately 85% of in-network insured Americans

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