The Future of Inventory Management

A More Effective Way to Track Inventory

Trying to track inventory effectively and safely in procedural areas can be a challenge. Some people take items because they might be needed elsewhere. Others bring items in and do not use them. The result is inventory you don’t know you have and inventory you think you have but don’t. In short, you have inaccurate counts causing you to order too much or too little replenishment product. The solution? QSight RFID.


QSight RFID combines this innovative technology with Owens & Minor’s end-to-end perpetual inventory management system. This powerful, easy-to-use solution enables you to track products as they enter and leave your procedural area, obtain fast and accurate inventory counts, and provide you with critical information to better manage your supply chain. Equally important, it provides you visibility into your current inventory—total amounts and locations.

Our RFID solutions are easily scalable. You can start small in a single location. Then, as you work the RFID technology into your workflow, you can quickly expand to other locations.
We can configure our RFID solutions to fit your needs. Whether you have a small storage room or a large procedural area, our solutions can be customized to fit any location.
Our RFID solutions provide you counts that are up to 99.9% accurate, enabling a user to identify missing and/or misplaced items quickly and easily.
Actionable Information
The data collected from the RFID scans is instantly conveyed to your QSight dashboard where it is turned into actional information, enabling you to make smarter, faster decisions.

How it Works

RFID tags are placed on products at the hospital
Barcodes and RFID tags are scanned into QSight
Tags are read by RFID readers affixed to cabinets or in storage rooms
Data is transmitted to QSight
The data is analyzed in QSight for actionable insights

Owens & Minor offers two RFID solutions to meet your needs

Open Architecture Solution
• Fixed and hand-held units for storage rooms.
• Designed for areas where products are kept unsecured in open spaces.
• Wall-mounted and hand-held units enable users to take quick and accurate inventory counts.
Closed Architecture Solution
• RFID enabled cabinets customized to your needs.
• Ideal for costly or temperature-controlled inventory.
• Available in different sizes and temperature configurations.

What is Ultra-High Frequency Radio Frequency (UHF) RFID

UHF RFID identification is an automatic wireless communication technology that allows users to read data from a distance. Owens & Minor uses UFT because it is the highest frequency available for RFID, enabling over 900 reads a second of RFID tags.

RFID Integrated with QSight Solution

Owens and Minor’s RFID solutions are tightly integrated within QSight. The data collected by our RFID devices is instantly conveyed to QSight. By logging into QSight, you can see inventory counts available in specified storage areas—items that should be there and those that should not—and counts of items that are not there but should be.

Getting Started with QSight RFID

Three Steps to Get You Started

Getting started with QSight’s RFID technology is easy and fast with our team of RFID experts. We follow a three-step process to get you up and running quickly, while minimizing any disruptions to your current workflow.

Assess Your Needs
Each hospital is different and yours is no exception, with different needs, space configurations and so much more. That’s why the first step getting started with RFID technology is assessing your needs. Our team of RFID experts will be on-site at your facility, talking to staff, and taking a deep dive into how you manage your inventory today.
Collaborate on a Solution
We’ll take the information obtained from the assessment and work with you to determine the best RFID solution that meets your needs, timeline, and budget.
Implement the Solution
Once we’ve determined what solution works best for you, our implementation team will work closely with you on installing the equipment, training the staff, and setting you up. On your go-live day, we’ll be right there with you to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Want to Learn More?

To find out more about how our QSight RFID solutions can help you, complete the form below. We look forward to working to help you find the best solution for your inventory management.

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