OM Expanded Access™ Standardization

Consolidate and standardize your purchases direct-from-manufacturer through Owens & Minor Distribution.

Reduce Complexity and Streamline Your Procurement Process

An average hospital could be served by hundreds of manufacturers. Multiple suppliers can add cost and complexity, including additional freight and procurement expenses, to the supply chain. When you partner with Owens & Minor we work with you to identify opportunities to bring direct-from-manufacturer purchases through the Owens & Minor distribution channel, offering you one of the widest selections of suppliers and products in the industry.

Consolidate purchasing and easily standardize inventory.

Our OM Expanded Access program gives you visibility into fragmented procurement activities across your supply chain that can be consolidated through Owens & Minor. We use your data to standardize the number of suppliers, then optimize your purchasing power with our longstanding supplier partnerships and expertise–ensuring you have the right supplier in every situation.

Reduce costs by lowering freight expenses
Consolidating orders through Owens & Minor means you’ll receive fewer shipments from fewer sources, save on shipping costs, and help manage last-minute orders easier.
Manage inventory with flexible freight solutions
We make recommendations from your historical contracts and pricing and standardize your inventory to align with your operational needs. Benefit from a diverse product selection with one SKU for each product, no matter the unit of measure.
Gain valuable time back by simplifying your procurement processes
Direct-order buys tend to cost significantly more, and take longer to place and receive. Aggregating purchasing through Owens & Minor will save time and money, freeing clinicians from tedious inventory tasks.
“Seeking better leverage of Owens & Minor’s distribution channels, our university engaged Owens & Minor to consolidate vendors that were shipping items direct to the university. As a result, the university eliminated $30,000 in direct freight costs—and saved approximately 400 labor hours across the organization.”
- Large West Coast University
"With Owens & Minor, all of the purchase orders come right through an electronic channel, which has cut our operating expense in half.”
- Director of Procurement & Strategic Sourcing, Prominent West Coast Academic Medical Center

Standardizing Brings Better Efficiency and Lower Costs

OM Expanded Access was a win-win for a prominent West Coast Academic Medical Center. See how the time and cost savings provided by Owens & Minor can empower healthcare professionals to focus on healthcare instead of supply chain maintenance.

How it Works

Consolidating and standardizing purchases drives end-to-end efficiency.

Connect with your local Owens & Minor representative.
Provide Purchase History
Provide a purchase history file to your representative.
Review an analysis of the purchase history you provided with the Owens & Minor team.
We'll work together to implement the recommendations based on the analysis.
Continue to discover additional tactics and solutions to enhance your supply chain.

Contact us to access our extensive supplier network.

No matter the situation, you can rest assured you’ll get the ideal supplier for the job.
Start standardizing inventory supply today.

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