Perioperative Supply Chain Management Made Easy

SurgiTrack® delivers custom surgical procedure kitting, logistics, data analytics, that drive OR efficiencies

Address Operating Room Inefficiencies

Operating rooms face challenges related to operational inefficiencies, lack of visibility to cost and inventories, and discarded products due to expiration or lack of need. In fact, the average annual cost of unused, discarded supplies is $200 Million. SurgiTrack is a comprehensive clinical supply delivery service that delivers ready-to-use custom surgery packs right to your facility based on procedure and physician preference. We provide the supplies and the staff to pick those supplies so you don’t have to, enabling you to focus your time, effort, and attention on patient care.

Taking the Stress out of Inventory Management

SurgiTrack is an end-to-end case management solution that delivers the full list of disposable products needed to perform each procedure combined with powerful reporting capabilities that transforms your perioperative supply chain.

Advanced Analytics
SurgiTrack takes the guesswork out of perioperative inventory management, using sophisticated methodologies and advanced analytics to drive efficiencies and lower costs.
Customized Surgery Packs
SurgiTrack enables clinicians to focus on patient care by assisting in determining the right product configuration and delivering the necessary supplies at the right time.
Product Consumption with Easy Returns
SurgiTrack provides a customized product configuration to reduce wasted product based on your actual usage. We deliver the necessary supplies at the right time with the ability to return the unopened or unused products for a full refund.
Onsite Resources & Productivity Efficiencies
The Operating Room is a busy setting that doesn’t leave much room for wasted time or effort. Incorrect inventory can have a real impact on staff morale, overall process efficiency and patient safety.

A Well-Balanced Perioperative Supply Chain

SurgiTrack® is Owens & Minor’s industry-leading unitized delivery system that combines lean methodologies, technology, surgical products, and physician preference products into one streamlined process.

Flexible Solution
Your SurgiTrack kit is custom built to your exact needs, driving standardization and allowing for surgeon preference.
Easy Returns
Simple return process that reduces waste, increases utilization and captures lost costs.
Ready to Use
Your kits are prepared in one of our Controlled Access Restricted Environments (CARE) rooms then delivered right to your hospital, typically within 24 hours.
Advanced Analytics
SurgiTrack turns your data into actionable insights through regular reporting on product usage, procedure, and surgeon comparison.

The Power of Analytics

SurgiTrack turns your physician preference card, returns, and usage data into actionable insights so you can make informed decisions that save time and expense.

How it Works

Based on the customer’s schedule, we deliver SurgiTrack individualized kits from our distribution centers directly to the OR—freeing up clinicians and staff time and storage space. This end-to-end case management includes products from Owens & Minor’s 1,200 manufacturer’s partners.

Procedure kits assembled at the Distribution Center
Owens & Minor driver delivers the procedures kits daily
Receipt & Storage
Procedure kits are received into inventory and products are stored in the sterile processing supply area
SurgiTrack procedures, PPI, and implants are aggregated
Once procedure is completed, qualified unused product can be returned for credit
Drive smarter, better decisions based on data

The Value of SurgiTrack

Minimize case set-up time
Greater efficiency in the sourcing and receiving of supplies
More accurate charge capture
Lower procedural supply costs
Greater efficiency in the sourcing and receiving of supplies
Reduce on-hand inventory
"Customers love the data from SurgiTrack. Often, I’ll present some key findings and they’ll have an “aha” moment and discover some new insight they didn’t know before."
-SurgiTrack teammate

SurgiTrack by the Numbers

Operating Rooms in a variety of hospital settings are benefiting from SurgiTrack. We deliver SurgiTrack kits nationally from 8 CARE rooms.

Procedures delivered annually
7 MM
# of components picked
hospitals trust SurgiTrack

What to Expect at an Assessment

We offer a free assessment conducted by an experienced team of clinical and supply chain leaders with years of OR experience and established best practices. The SurgiTrack Assessment mirrors established clinical processes to provide realistic opportunities for improved operational efficiency and costs savings.

Request Data
A SurgiTrack representative will review your procedure data and inventory history.
Spend Three Days On-Site
Our team will spend time on-site and interview your leadership to make sure we understand your unique needs.
We'll review the data you provided and findings from our time on-site to make detailed recommendations for improvement.
Our SurgiTrack team will provide a transition plan from current to future workflows, procedure supply, and financial impact analysis.
Approval and Implementation
We'll make sure our teams are aligned on next steps and deliver a proposed implementation outline.

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