Wound Closure Inventory Management

PANDAC is a comprehensive, on-site product inventory program that helps control purchases and eliminates excess wound closure inventory while maintaining supply levels.

Reduce PAR Levels, Waste, and Freight

Inventory management, especially for wound closures, can be challenging, time-consuming, and highly variable, resulting in wasted inventory and high costs. For more than 45 years, PANDAC has helped customers control purchases and eliminate excess wound closure inventory while maintaining supply levels. PANDAC includes dedicated on-site service, in-depth reporting and integration with materials management, business reviews and the ability to expand management to other product categories.

PANDAC takes the stress out of managing your sutures and endo-mechanical supply

Using PANDAC, hospital administrators immediately gain access to all the information they need to check wound closure inventory status. These same reports enable Owens & Minor to make recommendations for controlling inventory costs and saving money in the OR Setting.

Simplified Process
With easy product returns, reduced obsolete inventory, and detailed data analytics, end-to-end supply management remains simple and stress-free.
Focus Soley on Patient Care
Spend more time focused on patient care and less on inventory and supply chain activities.
Supply Chain Efficiency
PANDAC provides a reduction in PAR levels, obsolete inventory, and freight- creating less supply chain tasks to manage.
$4.1 Million

1st year savings realized with PANDAC by a large medical center in the Southeast

Proven Savings, Ongoing Value

Tapping into patented technology to routinely monitor purchases and utilization, adjust stocking levels, and provide continuous reporting on all aspects of purchasing and inventory, one of our on-site experts manages the suture inventory in primary stocking locations within each department.

Cost Savings
PANDAC helps customers reduce waste and reduce PAR levels resulting in valuable savings.
Suture and Endo-Mechanical Management
Owens & Minor will manage every facet- from ordering to maintaining inventory to providing comprehensive reports.
Regular Business Reviews
Data and recommendations are presented regularly for continuous improvement and optimization.
Dedicated On-Site Resource
With PANDAC, we will place an Owens & Minor teammate on-site to manage wound closure and other high-value supplies in each department-stocking location.

PANDAC customers consistently save a minimum of 5% during their first year on their wound closure and high-value supply spend.

How it works

Streamlining sutures, from start to finish.

Access Inventory
We take a physical inventory and establish benchmarks.
Manage Stock
The on-site Owens & Minor resource manages PAR, on-demand inventory value, and backorders.
Create Actionable Reports
Customers receive visibility into overall departments, inventory analysis, high-cost purchases, and more.
Adjust planning
Customers benefit from tailored adjustments according to changes in pricing, item mix, and case volume.
“Customers like the fact that with PANDAC, everything is taken care of.”
- Benny Chinchilla, O&M Teammate, Manages PANDAC at a Florida Hospital

Take our free PANDAC assessment

To find out whether PANDAC is right for you, sign up for our free assessment. Our team of experts will go to your facility and conduct a thorough review of your sutures and endo inventory and spend. From that, we’ll provide you with recommendations on how PANDAC can help you based on that assessment.

Our team will be onsite to gather data and talk to staff.
We’ll analyze that data and identify how PANDAC can help you.
We’ll provide an assessment with projected savings.
Working with your team, we’ll deliver an implementation plan.

Increasing Inventory Turns with PANDAC

One of the benefits customers realize with PANDAC is an increase in inventory turns of their sutures and endo mechanical. PANDAC will work with a hospital to consolidate slower-moving SKUs into faster-moving SKUs so that there are fewer SKUs to manage. The result if is less inventory carried, lower costs and a higher number of turns for the suture and endo-mechanical inventory.

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