We're always ready, so you're always able.

At Owens & Minor, the health and safety of our teammates, our customers, and their patients are always at the heart of everything that we do.

As a leading healthcare company, Owens & Minor has robust pandemic preparedness plans in place at every level of our organization. We continue to monitor global developments related to COVID-19 closely.

In order to best support our customers so that they can best help their patients, we have a multi-faceted approach to pandemic response:

1. Teammate Safety

Our first and foremost priority is always teammate safety. Owens & Minor has staffing plans that identify teammates whose working conditions put them at higher than average risk of viral exposure. We have working protocols for all job functions including, in some instances, prescribed usage of personal protective equipment that will be available at our facilities when appropriate. In addition to following updates and recommended safety protocols from the CDC, WHO, and OSHA, we have taken steps to increase professional cleaning services at all of our facilities. Building on the initial precautions we implemented earlier this year, we have implemented a heightened visitor restriction protocol throughout all of our sites. At this time, absent exigent circumstances, we have suspended visits by all external parties.

2. Business Continuity

We have site-specific and network business continuity plans in place so that customers can count on an effective and secure supply chain. Due to COVID-19, we have enacted product allocation protocols intended to preserve our supply for as long as possible. We have also hired additional resources and ramped up our Americas-based production capacity for certain Personal Protective Equipment products. Each of Owens & Minor’s facilities has a back-up plan to preserve to the extent possible service continuity for its customers. If at any time during a crisis, one facility cannot serve its customers, we will reroute orders and shipments through the most appropriate facility to ensure continuous service. In the event of quarantine or a need for increased social distancing, we have an infrastructure to enable as many teammates as possible to work remotely.

3. Serve Customers

Once our teammates and business processes are stable, our focus is on continuing to provide superior service to all of our healthcare customers. We are working closely with healthcare customers, suppliers, industry associations, and government agencies to understand their individual response plans and support needs. By forging these strong links, we will ensure constant communication and confidence that we serve our healthcare customers effectively in times of crisis.

Our Commitment

At Owens & Minor, we are committed to protecting our teammates and ensuring the continuity of our critical business processes to serve our healthcare customers effectively in times of crisis. We will keep in close contact with customers throughout any pandemic event. Please contact your local Owens & Minor representative with any concerns or questions.

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