Emergency Response

Healthcare doesn't stop. Neither does Owens & Minor.

Breaking News

Overnight the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore collapsed after being struck by a shipping vessel. As a result, the Port of Baltimore is closed. Owens & Minor does not import or export through this port. However, we are surveying our suppliers to understand potential impacts to imports and to understand supplier contingency plans.

Locally at our Baltimore Distribution Center (located in Hanover, MD) we have reviewed our delivery routes and made necessary adjustments. We are monitoring changes to traffic flows and will continue to adjust as necessary to ensure delivery continuity.

The Owens & Minor Emergency Response Team continues to monitor the situation and will continue to provide updates, as necessary. We remain committed to our mission and value your partnership.

Disasters don’t wait for response plans, budget allocations and communication strategies. We can help you be ready.

The Security of Superior Service

Even with careful planning and preparation, there are always unexpected developments when disaster strikes. Owens & Minor is resourced to remain ready to respond in any emergency.

Owens & Minor provides essential support during Hurricane Katrina
Owens & Minor responds to tornadoes in Missouri
Owens & Minor delivers support throughout tornadoes in Mississippi, Alabama, and Missouri
Owens & Minor provides essential service during Hurricane Harvey
Owens & Minor rises to meet challenges of COVID-19 pandemic
"Owens & Minor has kept us prepared for where the market is going. Product scarcity has consistently changed, while time and time again they’ve helped us see where issues would arise. You hear about hospitals across the country and the world not having enough supplies or having to unsafely conserve. We have not had those supply chain issues thanks to preparedness, proactive ordering, and planning, and a large part of our success is related to Owens & Minor."
- Prisma Health

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