Owens & Minor Sponsors Sterile Processing Certification Scholarships Through HSPA Foundation

Scholarships were awarded to 20 sterile processing professionals across the U.S

April 3, 2023

Owens & Minor and its HALYARD* brand have sponsored 20 scholarships for Sterile Processing Certification and Education Preparation Materials, via the Healthcare Sterile Processing Association (HSPA) Foundation. Funding this scholarship upholds Owens & Minor’s and HSPA’s shared commitment of providing education and advancement opportunities for sterile processing professionals.

“Development opportunities and continuing education are among the critical elements that enable sterile processing professionals to excel in their roles,” said Joe Hannibal, Senior Director of Marketing, Owens & Minor. “Along with our continued focus on arming these professionals with the best, most innovative products to protect patients, the scholarship sponsorship underscores our commitment to advancing the field.”

Owens & Minor’s HALYARD* brand has been advancing the sterilization wrap market for more than 35 years since the launch of its Spunbound Meltblown Spunbound (SMS) single use sterilization wrap in 1978, and it is proud to provide continued support for sterile processing professionals through the HSPA Foundation’s scholarships.

“Over 43,000 members and certification holders rely on HSPA to keep them up to date on the latest standards in the industry. For these professionals, an important way to demonstrate their expertise is through our industry-recognized certifications,” said Damien Berg, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at HSPA. “However, the cost of the test poses a barrier for some. This sponsorship expands access for technicians and creates additional opportunities for professional development.”

HSPA began formal certification of sterile processing technicians in 1971 with the goal of recognizing the competence of individuals to perform duties within the sterile processing environment. To help advance patient safety, HSPA created the HSPA Foundation, whose primary mission is to provide education and support to sterile processing professionals through educational initiatives, research, scholarships, professional development grants, and awards.

With this sponsorship, the HSPA Foundation was able to offer five scholarships for each HSPA certification through 2023 – CRCST, CIS, CER and CHL – and will provide each certification’s test and reference materials for the scholarship recipients. The scholarship also received nearly 450 applications – demonstrating the value these certifications provide and the commitment among sterile processing professionals to advance their expertise. For the list of winners, please click here.