What is a surgical procedure kit?

October 12, 2021

A surgical procedure kit is a kit that contains nearly everything needed for a procedure. Typically for procedures, the supplies needed for a procedure are individually and sterilized the day before or the day of a procedure. With a surgical procedure, nearly everything is right there and thus there is no pulling of supplies for a procedure. It saves time and increases efficiency. It can also decrease operating room turnover time, the time between procedures. 

Relevant Insights

Ready-to-Use Custom Surgery Packs

Facing a tight labor market and escalating costs, hospitals can ill afford to have clinical staff perform supply chain functions such as case picking. That’s why many are turning to Owens & Minor’s SurgiTrack. SurgiTrack is a unique service that delivers ready-to-use custom surgery packs right to your facility based on procedure and physician preference.

Watch this video to learn about our SurgiTrack solution. You’ll discover how cases are picked at one of seven CARE rooms around the country and delivered to your hospital ready for use. Learn about the easy returns process and how SurgiTrack leverages the power of analytics to clean up your physician preference cards to make a better kit. The end result is less time for your clinical staff building kits, lower costs, and greater efficiency.