What is Expanded Access™?

August 22, 2022

Hospitals that purchase product directly from multiple vendors could be adding cost and complexity, including additional freight and procurement expenses, to their supply chain. By aggregating fragmented, purchasing activity through Owens & Minor, hospitals can save time and money, allowing hospitals to focus more time on patient care. Expanded Access is an Owens & Minor program that gives hospitals and health systems visibility into purchasing patterns and supplier activity. By consolidating purchases through Owens & Minor, hospitals can streamline processing and lower operational costs.

Hospitals start by providing a purchasing history file, usually the most recent 3-6 months of purchasing data. The data is reviewed and analyzed to identify opportunities to bring products that are being purchased directly from the vendor through the Owens & Minor channel.

Expanded Access™

When you partner with Owens & Minor we work with you to identify opportunities to bring direct-from-manufacturer purchases through the Owens & Minor distribution channel, offering you one of the widest selections of suppliers and products in the industry.

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