What is suture management?

October 12, 2021

Suture management refers to the management of inventories of suture and endo-mechanical products.  The primary objective is to ensure that proper levels are maintained and replenishment supplies are ordered and delivered when needed.

Sutures and endo-mechanical products are typically stored in the operating room, the labor and delivery area, and the ER and are critical for all types of medical procedures. They come in various sizes, are made with different materials, and come with different needle types. If not properly managed, one of two things usually results. The first is not having the right sutures on hand when they are needed. The other is having far too much inventory on hand just to be “on the safe side.” A suture management program can help ensure neither happens.

Increasing Inventory Turns with PANDAC

One of the benefits customers realize with PANDAC is an increase in inventory turns of their sutures and endo mechanical. PANDAC will work with a hospital to consolidate slower-moving SKUs into faster-moving SKUs so that there are fewer SKUs to manage. The result if is less inventory carried, lower costs, and a higher number of turns for the suture and endo-mechanical inventory.

Relevant Insights

PANDAC: Wound Closure Inventory Management

PANDAC is a comprehensive, on-site product inventory program that helps control purchases and eliminates excess inventory, all the while maintaining inventory levels. Schedule a free assessment today, and we’ll work with you to determine how much you can save with PANDAC. Fill out the form to the right to schedule an assessment.