Recorded Webinar: OR Efficiency; Less Waste, More Green

Listen to this recorded webinar to learn how you can improve the efficiency of your operating by eliminating waste and going more green.

May 24, 2021

Owens and Minor recently teamed up with AORN to hold a webinar on improving operating room efficiency. Listen to this recording of that webinar and discover some of the factors that contribute to OR inefficiencies, from not having the right supplies to ineffective communications and ways to overcomes them. Learn how supply waste is a leading cause of OR inefficiency and how programs like Owens & Minor’s SugiTrack can help reduce that waste, lower costs and improve efficiency.

Please note that CME credits are NOT available for this recorded webinar. While the recording does mention credits, they were only available if you attended the live webinar.

SurgiTrack: Perioperative Supply Chain Management Made Easy

These are challenging times for OR supply chain managers. Cases loads are uncertain and demand is in flux, making forecasting volumes and how much supply to carry harder than ever. In situations like this, there is a natural tendency to take the safe approach and stock up on inventory. But that approach inevitably leaders to higher inventories, higher costs, more waste, and ultimately less efficiency. That’s where Owens & Minor’s SurgiTrack can help.