New SAFESKIN* Nitrile Gloves in POP-N-GO* Packs Provide On-The-Go Protection

Convenient protection for life’s surprises

November 22, 2021

Known for expertise in producing protective medical supplies and products, today Owens & Minor formally launched our new consumer brand, SAFESKIN*. The line is designed to keep users prepared no matter where tasks take them. SAFESKIN* Nitrile Gloves in POP-N-GO* packs are available in the SAFESKIN* Amazon store and offer task-focused, high quality protection.

Unlike traditional paperboard glove dispensers that are larger and less durable, the POP-N-GO* pack is uniquely designed for convenience, with a lid that’s easy to open, snaps closed, and dispenses one glove at a time. The innovative packs are lightweight, flexible, and compact enough to discreetly fit in a purse, glove compartment, or toolbox to help consumers always be prepared. SAFESKIN* Nitrile Gloves offer a choice of three levels of task-focused protection: light, medium, or heavy-duty and are color-coded to aid in selecting the right gloves for the job.

With nitrile gloves specifically designed for light, medium and heavy-duty tasks, SAFESKIN* POP-N-GO* packs from Owens & Minor can help you stay prepared for most any task, anywhere.

SAFESKIN* POP-N-GO* packs deliver protection that people can trust, at home or on the go,” said Alex Hodges, Vice President of Marketing & Global Strategy for the Global Products business unit at Owens & Minor. “We know consumers have a variety of things to consider when it comes to taking on everyday challenges or tackling new projects. We want to make it easy for users to feel prepared and designed this product with that convenience in mind.”

Now more than ever, consumers are looking for reliable protection from germs, chemicals, dirt, and messes everywhere. The utilization of medical gloves substantially increased over the last year and a half, according to a June 2021 trade briefing from the U.S. International Trade Commission, as demand for gloves grew among the general public and new industries began using medical gloves for daily activities.

“It’s helpful to keep gloves handy for things like performing first aid, food preparation, painting and crafting, car maintenance, or even just protecting hands from household chemicals and cleaners,” said Hodges. “SAFESKIN* POP-N-GO* packs offer convenient protection so you can take on most anything that comes your way.”

Learn more about SAFESKIN* Nitrile Gloves in POP-N-GO* packs and how they provide convenient, task-focused protection by visiting the Amazon store at