Owens & Minor Debuts Online Emergency Preparedness Tracker

August 17, 2021

Owens & Minor recently announced a new online emergency tracker as part of its comprehensive emergency preparedness and response offerings. Owens & Minor piloted the new feature in early July to support customers in their advance preparations as Tropical Storm Elsa gained strength in Florida and up the east coast. Now, with Tropical Storm Fred causing rain and flooding in the Florida panhandle, and Tropical Depression Grace threatening the Atlantic, the tracker is once again live to serve customers who may be impacted. The emergency preparedness tracker features a scrolling alert that includes up-to-date storm information and impacts as well as additional content detailing Owens & Minor’s preparedness and response plans enacted to support healthcare customers.

The Richmond-based company has consistently made emergency readiness and response a point of pride, with the safety of frontline teammates a top priority that enables its ongoing ability to serve the healthcare community. Beyond its emergency response activities during hurricanes, floods, wildfires, and other natural disasters, Owens & Minor has protocols to navigate other uncertain or evolving situations. For example, in instances when customers experience cybersecurity threats at their location, Owens & Minor has protocols that facilitate medical supply orders outside the system so that product flow is not interrupted.

“What’s extraordinary about Owens & Minor is the level of preparation and resourcefulness we use for any contingency, no matter how uncertain or unpredictable,” said Jeff Jochims, EVP, Chief Operating Officer and President, Medical Distribution at Owens & Minor. “Many years ago, during Hurricane Katrina, our distribution team rented amphibious duck boats to navigate flooded roads and deliver products to our hospital customers. Throughout COVID-19, O&M teammates worked around the clock to manufacture and distribute critical supplies through multiple hurricanes that severely impacted large portions of the United States.”

The emergency tracker adds to Owens & Minor’s suite of proactive, customized, and actionable preparedness offerings that enhance customer response capabilities and help minimize disruptions. The tracker appears on Owens & Minor’s website on an as-needed basis to keep customers informed throughout rapidly changing situations.

“As a healthcare company, our emergency response and preparedness plans are foundational to our ability to deliver on our Mission of Empowering Our Customers to Advance Healthcare™,” said Jochims. “We believe that our thorough and advanced preparation empowers our ability to maintain business continuity and to serve our customers. This latest tool in our emergency protocol will bring valuable, timely updates to customers and members of the healthcare industry as we collectively focus on supporting patient care in every situation.”

To plan for healthcare supply contingencies and access breaking updates during potential emergency situations, visit our Emergency Response page.