Owens & Minor Launches Non-Profit Foundation, Reaffirms Decades-Long Commitment to Building Healthier Communities

Efforts to focus on supporting healthcare, environment, and diversity and inclusion

June 7, 2021

Owens & Minor has announced the launch of the Owens & Minor Foundation, which is committed to building healthier communities through engagement and financial support of trusted charitable and civic organizations. The three primary areas of focus are Healthcare, Environment, and Diversity and Inclusion (D&I).

“We’re incredibly excited to announce this extension of Owens & Minor’s longstanding commitment to supporting and improving the communities in which we operate through the Owens & Minor Foundation,” said Edward A. Pesicka, President and CEO of Owens & Minor. “At Owens & Minor, we continuously seek ways to serve our humble Mission of Empowering Our Customers to Advance Healthcare, and our efforts are guided by our IDEAL Values of integrity, development, excellence, accountability and listening. Our new Foundation furthers the long-time commitment of Owens & Minor, which for decades has been a champion of supporting small, diverse and minority-owned businesses in the healthcare industry. Through the O&M Foundation, we will proactively support broader healthcare availability to all communities, the promotion of D&I opportunities, and the protection of the environment.”

The Owens & Minor Foundation is dedicated to impacting and empowering communities through:

  • Advancing healthcare access in all communities and supporting opportunities for people to lead healthier lives;
  • Long-established operational sustainability initiatives that help improve the overall health of the environment;
  • Building a diverse and inclusive culture that includes an open space where teammates learn with and from one another; and,
  • Increasing support of supplier diversity initiatives, an area in which Owens & Minor has a proven track record of success and recognition in healthcare.

The Foundation will pursue its endeavors through grants, charitable contributions, volunteer activities, and donations, and is supported by an initial endowment of $10 million.

“The Foundation will allow Owens & Minor to reinforce and prioritize its support of important initiatives in the communities in which it operates,” stated Shana Neal, EVP, and Chief Human Resources Officer at Owens & Minor and President of the Foundation. “The creation and funding of the Foundation will build on the strong legacy of service on which Owens & Minor has established itself and will provide a solid grounding for continued support long into the future.”


Heather Sabharwal, Sr. Manager, Media Relations, [email protected]