Owens & Minor has proven to be a valuable and indispensable partner to our provider customers, assisting them in taking advantage of manufacturer incentives. Preferred Access identifies bulk purchase opportunities, consignment conversion, and committed volume discounts for providers who lack the available space, labor or inventory management systems required for processing and delivery of these orders. Whether the product is owned by the manufacturer or provider, Owens & Minor can consolidate purchase orders, forward deploy products, and manage any required reverse logistics.

picture of warehouse stock on shelves

Preferred Access produces significant savings for physician preference items (PPI) as well as consumable products. With PPIs, such as cardiac rhythm management devices, breast implants or drug eluting stents, we are able to assist with the labor intensive process of individual order entry for various unique serial numbers. Customers can see discounts ranging from 5-15%. Management of highly consumable products, such as bone cement and bone grafts, often produce savings in the range of 8-12%.