Patient Safety Resources

Patients seek healthcare for healing, not for additional incurred patient harm such as contracting Healthcare-Associated Infections. Patient Safety is a core element of any healthcare organization, but it requires a constant focus to mitigate risks to patients while seeking care. Patient safety belongs in the hands of every single healthcare professional regardless or their role or discipline and requires a collaborative approach to maximally benefit every patient in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

Healthcare Communication Tools:

Even the best-trained infection prevention and risk management professionals face a daunting task when discussing a healthcare outbreak with either internal or external stakeholders. This toolkit is the premier source on talking to patients, families, and external stakeholders such as the media about outbreaks within healthcare settings.

Communicating During a Healthcare Outbreak
Before communicating during an outbreak, think through how risk perceptions might influence the affected populations and, therefore, how you communicate about those risks. Also, keep in mind that persons will view public health recommendations and advice through a risk–benefit lens, with the same factors affecting whether they adopt a public health recommendation.
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