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Sequencing is Everything

Sequencing is Everything With new leadership, new markets, and a new strategic direction, Owens & Minor is transforming itself to serve the needs and demands of a changing global healthcare market. Over the course of my career, I have had the privilege of participating in other enterprise-wide transformations like this with other companies. In my experience, successful transformation does not depend on how much you achieve in a given time period, but in the sequence of how you accomplish it.

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Leadership Development is Key to Success

Leadership Development is Key to Success Owens & Minor is rapidly growing into a global healthcare services company. We know that the contributions of our teammates and our leaders, who helped us to arrive at this phase in our journey, are key to our future success. As the Vice President of Global Staffing & Organizational Effectiveness, I understand as an organization we need to ensure that we are able to identify, develop, and empower leaders at all levels. Leadership does not automatically come with a title or a position. Leadership comes from who you are and how you engage and inspire your team and those around you. It is all about demonstrating leadership skills in tangible ways every single day.

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Improve the Efficiency of Inventory Management

Improve the Efficiency of Inventory Management With the mounting attention on reducing costs and improving outcomes in today's healthcare market, providers are feeling the pressure. Savvy healthcare providers realize the importance of appropriately managing their inventory of medical and surgical supplies and the benefits of precise inventory management. Supply chain management is a specialized function that can directly affect both the organization's bottom line and patient outcomes, for better or for worse. In other words, effective control and management of medical and surgical supplies improves the delivery of healthcare services, patient care, and the provider's financial performance. Owens & Minor can be an important partner in helping hospitals achieve these positive outcomes.

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Advocacy & Education in Support of Supplier Diversity

Advocacy & Education in Support of Supplier Diversity As a veteran advocate of supplier diversity, I know that the healthcare industry, as a whole, has made great strides in expanding the range of companies that play a key role in developing products and services. But, I also know there is room for improvement. While the industry is attuned to the capabilities of diverse suppliers, I believe there is opportunity to shine a brighter light on the economic benefits of doing business with these fine companies. That's where I lend a hand.

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