Five reasons to get excited about QSight’s 2.0 Reporting

January 31, 2022

Owens & Minor’s QSight, the industry-leading, cloud-based solution for managing inventory in procedural areas, offers a number of exciting features. From Alerts that display critical information such as inventory on hand or items on order, to automatic alerts for expiring, expired, and recalled products that help improve patient safety. QSight’s reporting feature is truly the power behind the solution, featuring over 70 built-in reports for users. Now, Owens & Minor introducing QSight’s new 2.0 Reporting that offers more robust tools right at your fingertips. Here are five reasons to get excited about the new reporting capabilities of QSight.

1. Enterprise Level Reporting

Enterprise Level Reporting provides multi-department visibility. Want to see inventory in the cardiac cath labs or ORs across a network of three hospitals? QSight's 2.0 reporting enables quick access and visibility to inventory levels at each hospital from one single view. Spend less time compiling reports across your entire network and more time leveraging the information at your fingertips to make more informed decisions about your supply chain.

2. Executive Dashboards

Executive Dashboards provide critical information to manage your supply chain. Use these dashboards to display the supply chain and inventory information that’s most timely and critical – from the needs of the entire network of hospitals to the individual ORs and labs. Need to see the details behind the number? That information is available and up to date with just a few clicks to select and apply filters to whatever data is needed.

3. Charts and Graphs

Charts and graphs provide snapshots and comparisons of the numbers. The old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words applies to Qsight 2.0 Reports. By presenting your data in graphical form with colorful charts and graphs, trends and projections are easier to spot and problems can be identified faster simply by looking at a picture of your data. If charts or graphs aren’t optimal, data is visible in table form too, all on a single screen.

4. Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics enable better planning for the future by looking at the past. Predictive analytics use historical data to model the likeliest future outcome. With QSight and Reports 2.0, predictive analytics are built into a number of reports that factor in past patterns of usage, inventory levels, and the like, and use that information to model your future state. Armed with this information, more accurate decisions can be made for the most critical elements of your supply chain.

5. Get to the Answers Fast

et to the answers fast by making critical decisions in minutes rather than hours or even days. With QSight’s real-time data and an easy-to-use interface, information is updated and presented quickly without the need to spend hours pulling data and piecing together reports, freeing up more time for analysis of and decision making from the information. Whether transferring inventory among departments, pulling expired product, or ordering product, the cost and time savings put the ease and efficiency of QSight 2.0 Reports takes supply chain to the next level.

These are just five things to get excited about in QSight’s 2.0 Reports. But there are plenty more. To fully understand the power of QSight 2.0 Reports and how they can lower costs and increase efficiency in a procedural area, it’s best to see it in action. Email us at omlearnmore@owens-minor and we’ll be happy to show you.

QSight Reporting

Watch this video to learn about those capabilities and how QSight takes your data and, using advanced analytics, turns it into actional information to help you make better, more informed decisions about your inventory. Discover how QSight aggregates inventory data for the same department across multiple hospitals, providing you enterprise-level visibility. And see how QSight is using predictive analytics to help you make smarter decisions about the future.

QSight: Inventory Management for Procedural Supply Chain

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