Reporting in QSight

QSight features powerful reporting tools that turn data into actionable information

January 26, 2022

One of the problems confronting clinicians and supply chain professionals at hospitals today is they have a lot of data, but not a lot of information to manage their inventory. What’s more, data is often housed in disparate solutions, making it hard to piece together to get a single view of your supply inventory.

That’s where QSight and its advanced reporting capabilities can help. Watch this video to learn about those capabilities and how QSight takes your data and, using advanced analytics, turns it into actional information to help you make better, more informed decisions about your inventory. Discover how QSight aggregates inventory data for the same department across multiple hospitals, providing you enterprise-level visibility. And see how QSight is using predictive analytics to help you make smarter decisions about the future.

QSight: Inventory Management for Procedural Supply Chain

Improve inventory visibility and reduce costs with our revolutionary cloud-based healthcare inventory management system.