Healthcare providers today are faced with dynamic challenges in the clinical and procedural areas due to carrying large amounts of inventory and unpredictable demand. There is little to no visibility into actual supply utilization, usage patterns, and available inventory. QSight is Owens & Minor’s end-to-end perpetual inventory management system that integrates with a health system's IT infrastructure to capture the total picture of inventory while improving utilization and patient charge capture. QSight is comprised of:


Established in 2001, QSight addresses these challenges through automation of supply documentation via seamless integration with the electronic health record. Aligning demand with proper inventory levels is important when avoiding stockpiles of excessive inventory, product waste, and high inventory. Our robust platform provides the inventory support needed throughout every point of the supply chain. We have developed the tools necessary to simplify and right-size any inventory management system, solving for system-wide complexity.


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QSight Perpetual Inventory Management

QSight provides total inventory control and transparency. All you need is a web-connected device and a barcode scanner to populate into an electronic health record and harness a database of over 400,000 SKUs containing data attributes from the manufacturer, such as:

  • Catalog or reference number
  • GTINs (over 180,000 compliant SKUs)
  • HIBCC (over 130,000 compliant SKUs)
  • Lot/serial number/expiration date
  • Packing unit of measure
  • Product descriptions
  • Product type and primary usage
  • RFID to further automate the inventory process
  • UDI (Unique Device Identifier)

An easy-to-use, web-based application with barcode scanner, streamlines ordering and clinical documentation to save valuable time. This application integrates with Materials Management Information System (MMIS), Operating Room Information System (ORIS), Electronic Health Record (EHR), Admission, Discharge and Transfer (ADT), and billing systems.


QSight RFID Inventory Tracking in Real-Time

QSight RFID brings the best of both worlds—a clinical perpetual inventory management system and proven, patented RFID-enabled cabinetry. QSight RFID enclosures automatically track and monitor inventory 24/7, allowing greater control of high-value inventory without having to redesign the entire system. The inventory transactions can be integrated into an existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Materials Management Information System (MMIS).

RFID .jpgAn Internet-enabled RFID enclosure is placed at the point of use with different sizes and temperature-controlled options. Pre-authorized users access it through a key card entry; when a user adds or removes an item, the system automatically tracks the transaction in real-time. Inventory managers can visit a secure website 24/7 to track product use and workflow.


Physical Inventory


Good fiscal management includes having an accurate value of all on-hand inventory. Not having an accurate picture can lead to tax and/or financial implications, misallocation of inventory, and inconsistent or incorrect units of measure. Hospitals are required to complete periodic audits of their inventory—it’s good financial practice. However, performing an inventory valuation can be costly, time-consuming, and labor-intensive.

Owens & Minor partners with Data Solutions Corporations to provide experts to quickly, and efficiently conduct periodic counts:

  • Baseline inventory
  • Counts all medical/surgical, pharmaceuticals, lab products
  • Isolates expired products
  • Utilizes an advanced QA and technology process
  • Provides reports within an average 72-hour turnaround


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