Owens & Minor Expanded Access™ Standardization Proves to be a Win-Win for Prominent West Coast Academic Medical Center

EA image.jpgA prominent West Coast Academic Medical Center knew that by streamlining their supplies they could ultimately save time and cost and ensure a more strategic supply chain. That’s why they chose Owens & Minor Expanded Access™ Standardization. The result? Cost savings and added convenience across the board. 

Download our success story to see how the time and cost savings provided by Owens & Minor can empower healthcare professionals to focus on healthcare instead of supply chain maintenance.


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An average hospital could be served by hundreds of manufacturers. Multiple suppliers can add cost and complexity, including additional freight and procurement expenses, to the supply chain. With Expanded Access, Owens & Minor analyzes a hospital's direct purchases. We identify opportunities to consolidate vendor activity through our extensive distribution network with one of the widest selections in the industry. We are committed to offering more choice, more products, and more brands, in quantities that align with operational needs.

Convert Data to Savings Opportunities

To get started with Expanded Access, your Owens & Minor representative will provide a Data Access Agreement (DAA), authorizing use of purchasing data. A data request call is then scheduled with the Owens & Minor team to establish a partnership with your IT department and to review data requirements and extract instructions. After 12 months of historical data have been submitted and approved, the data will be normalized and enriched so that reporting is done on complete and consistent data.

The Owens & Minor Business Intelligence Center and a Owens & Minor teammate will review the Expanded Access playbook, which outlines all direct-to-distribution opportunities. O&M teammates will work to create a targeted plan that supports goals by selecting the items to convert and confirm that contracts and pricing are loaded. If the provider chooses to send a recurring data extract, the Expanded Access playbook can be generated on a regular basis. Any new recommendations and opportunities will be presented along with a conversion progress report.